× March general meeting will be rescheduled from March 15 to March 22.
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Vice President’s Desk- Update

Congratulations to Keystone Branch 157 for being recognized as the branch that raised the most money for MDA in 2014.  That’s right. When comparing various branches similar in size, I am happy and proud to report that your branch raised the most money (in our category) for this very important cause.  On behalf of all of your officers, I want to thank everyone that worked so hard to achieve this fantastic accomplishment. GREAT JOB!

We have several upcoming events that need not merely your support but your participation. The NALC “Food Drive” will take place on Saturday, May 9th. Carriers, from across the Nation, will be collecting food for those who are less fortunate than us.  It is important to keep in mind that the food collected will go directly to pantries in those communities where the food was donated.

Also, on Sunday, May 3rd your branch will be hosting “Labor Walk 2015.”  The event will kick-off at the Union Hall around 1pm. We are asking volunteers to join us, as well as members form the AFL-CIO, as we go door-to-door encouraging citizens to support candidates that care about issues that are important to letter carriers.

Moving forward, prime time selections should have been completed by now. Contractually, management had until April 15th to return all requests for leave submitted on PS Form 3971.  The April 15th deadline varies according to the language contained in the various Local Memorandum of Understanding or LMOU for short.   If anyone is having a problem getting their leave slips back, please notify your shop stewards or call the Union Hall.

One final issue I need to bring to your attention. There has been a recent change (Nationally) with regard to CCA (s) and a second probationary period following promotion to regular. According to M-01857, the parties agreed that city carrier assistants (CCAs) converted to full-time career status during the term of this agreement will not serve a probationary period when hired for a career appointment, provided the employee successfully served a cumulative 360 days as a city carrier assistant directly before conversion to full-time career status. Any questions, please call the Union Hall.