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Health Benefit Plan- Open Season

Health Benefits Plan

Hello everyone,

Jay Nichols

Open season for health benefits in 2015 will begin on Monday November 10,

2014 thru Monday December 8, 2014. Many of you are active members of

our NALC Health Benefits Plan which we believe is one of the best plans if

not the best plan offered. For those that are not enrolled in our NALC Health

Benefits Plan I encourage you to visit the website ( The NALC

Health Benefits Plan has been in existence since 1950. It is union-owned and

union-operated. A not-for-profit plan, meaning every dollar coming into the

plan is put right back into the plan to make the plan better for our members

and keep cost down. The plan’s mission is to provide its members

accessibility to quality medical care while maintaining a comprehensive

benefit package. If you would like to compare other plans to the great

benefits of our NALC Health Benefits Plan it is really easy to do on the

Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) website. Go to on

the right side click “Compare Health Plans.” The 2015 plan brochures are

now available. Members of our plan will receive the brochure in the mail.

Others can download the brochure from the website or visit our branch for a

hard copy.

Jay Nichols