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National Business Agent- Convention 2014

By all accounts the 69th Biennial Convention of this great union was a complete success! Congratulations and thanks to Branch 157 President Randy Zebin, Vice-President Joe Rodgers, Secretary-Treasurer Geary Wertz, Branch Secretary Denise Dodaro and to all the Branch 157 members who volunteered their time to be sergeant-at-arms, drivers, band coordinator and any other job you were asked to do in order for the convention to operate properly. The more that 6,000 delegates from every State in the USA had a great time in our city. My fellow members of the NALC Executive Council were also very pleased with the convention and Philly.


A lot of work was conducted during the five days that we were in general session. The following are a few of the National Agreement resolutions that were approved by the delegates. They will now be part of the official position of the NALC in future contract negotiations.

–          Include CCA’s in Article 10 and allow CCA’s to carry over the maximum amount of leave.

–          Add significant other in the definition of a family member for Bereavement Leave

–          CCA’s as eligible employees to receive military leave

–          CCA’s receive holiday scheduling premium

–          Eliminate Article 12.1

–          Discontinue the USPS use of Managed Service Points

–          A 204B must be working in their own installation in order for provisions in Article 41.1 to apply

–          Revise Article 8.5.G to include PTF’s and non-career employees

–          Provide a Sunday premium to CCA’s when they work


On the Wednesday during convention week, I had a very busy day as your National Business Agent. I am proud and happy to report that I was re-elected to a new four (4) year term when I was nominated and un-opposed to continue in my position. On Wednesday afternoon, I lead a successful protest of about 350 NALC delegates and members of the Carpenters Union to the Staples store at 15th and Chestnut St to hand petitions to the store manager that said we are in solidarity with the APWU in boycotting Staples. There will be an election for some National Officer positions and it will be very important for all the members of Branch 157 to cast their ballots when they are received in your home via US mail.  You will be receiving more information about that election process in the very near future.


Please continue to work safely. As the dog days of summer are here, please stay hydrated and take extra comfort stops when you feel the need to drink more water. Please review your park points if you are on a park and loop route to see if a safer alternative is available for you to get your vehicle off of busy streets.


We will also be getting involved in the upcoming elections for PA Governor and many US Congressional races. Please read all of the information that will be distributed and be as informed as you can be so that we can elect those candidates who will protect the rights of working men and women and their families. Stay well. Stay safe.



Bill Lucini