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President’s Office- “Being Safe.”

Randy Zebin


Our job is not as safe as it used to be.  We now have 3 bundles and scanners as well as more deliveries.  That all adds up to the possibility of more injuries.  Please be aware of your surroundings and be safe as possible.  Being aware of your surroundings these days also means being aware of the bad guys and what they’re doing.  Years ago, the mailman was king.  He was welcomed and protected in the neighborhoods.  That is not the case anymore, now we’re a target.  We need to be aware of that and take the necessary precautions.  Unfortunately, even with all the precautions we take, we still get involved in shootings and robberies.  When something like that happens we are usually able to have the carrier detailed to another station.  That is what I want to talk about, the detail.  Being detailed is not being assigned and is not indefinite.  When and if you are detailed, be aware that it is a temporary assignment.  It will not last forever.  Accordingly, you will eventually have to go back to your station, or bid to another station.  While detailed however, you may still bid on any assignment in your station that is posted for bid.  In addition, you may also bid on any assignment that is posted city wide.  Bottom line, be careful as possible, but if something does happen, tell your steward and call the hall.

Randy Zebin, President Keystone Branch 157