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President’s Office – “CCA Conversion Info”

June 3, 2014


Randy Zebin

Conversions; on May 31, 2014 we converted 55 CCA’s in the District.  23 of the 55 were in Philadelphia, as well as 10 in Conshohocken, 1 in Drexel Hill and 2 in Fort Washington, three of our Associate Offices.  As career employees, you are now eligible for Health Benefits and will shortly receive a packet from Shared Services.  In addition, all newly converted carriers will be brought to the District office for an abbreviated orientation to explain all benefits and answer any questions.  Please do not hesitate to  enroll in a Health Benefit plan because there is a time limit, which if exceeded will not allow you to enroll until the next open season, which is in November.  Of course we believe the NALC plan is as good if not better than any other plan offered.  Please look at our plan and enroll.  FYI, our plan is not only as good or better, but it’s cheaper.  It is less expensive than any other plan offered to you.  We are able to do that because our plan is not a “for profit” plan.  That enables us to increase our benefits and keep our premiums down.  So please consider the NALC Health plan and if there are any other problems, call the hall.