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Steward’s Corner- “MDA Golf Outing”

MDA Golf Outing



Keystone Branch 157’s 2011 MDA golf outing was held on Thursday, May 22nd at Rancocas Golf Club.  We had serious concerns about the weather the morning of the event.  At 5:45 am, leaving home to drive to the course, it was raining hard and getting worse, with thunderstorms possible.

Happily for all involved, we were spared and there was only a brief shower during our outing. Thanks to all those who played and participated, sponsored holes, and bought 50/50 and/or door prize chances.

A special thank you goes out to Renee Solomon and Nancy Konstance for their help with registration, selling chances, mulligans, being out on the 2nd hole so the players could replenish refreshments etc. Without their help, and patience dealing with me, the event would not have run so smoothly.  Fourteen groups of golfers participated, 12-foursomes and 2-threesomes.  Three of our foursomes came from present or former Torresdale carriers.  THANK YOU ALL!!  


I would like to make an appeal to everyone.

The number of golfers/foursomes was down from previous years.

If you have played in the past, please come out again. Please encourage others to play in our 2015event.  First, the proceeds go to MDA, a great cause.  Second, as many of you know, most events have entry fees of $150.00 per golfer.  $85.00 per golfer is a GREAT DEAL for all.


Skill holes:

Closest to the Pin: Mike Smith, Levittown

Longest Drive: Art Weir, Torresdale



The winning foursome at 7-under par was;

Team Mis-Mash – Bill Schneider, Charles Hutchinson, Shawn O’Neill

Three teams finished at 6-under par


As of this writing, I do not have the final dollar amount raised for MDA, as some donations are still being received.  


Again thanks to all and, if you are not a golfer, we have other fund raising events you can join: Wiffle Ball, Bowling, Road Blocks, Station Collections or one of our Office Pools.  Maybe you have a new fund raising idea>


Remember You are the U in Union.  Get involved, stay informed.



​Geary Wertz,

​Chief Steward/Treasurer