× March general meeting will be rescheduled from March 15 to March 22.
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President’s Office- “Update on Conversions.”

Randy Zebin

5/23/14  Update on the conversions. We were told 23 CCA’s in the City will be converted along with the 8 remaining PTF’s on the 31st of May.  We also were told there will be a total of 55 CCA’s conversions in the District.  With 23 in the City, that means 32 will be converted in the AO’s. My understanding of the process is you will be given a list of available residual vacancies and you put them in order of preference from the top to the bottom.  In the City that should mean 31 assignments. Please list all of them in your order of preference, or you could be management assigned.  In the Associate Offices that obviously will be less, there might only be one or two residuals.

Randy Zebin- President, Keystone Branch 157