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September 21, 2016 - Marge McCann



I hope everyone is Safe and Healthy. I would like to inform the membership of the Million Mile Award Program the Post Office has in place. The program eligibility is you, or one of our brothers and sisters has 30 years of service and has not had an MVA accident. The National Safety Council will give you a plaque and a pin. The District Manager has granted your office permission to order Million Mile Jackets.

When everything is in place the NALC Leadership, Business Agent- Bill Luciani, President - Randy Zebin, Vice President- Joe Rodgers, Chief Steward/Treasurer Tim Mulvenna will attend. Along with the Postal Service District Manager Chu Falling Star, the Postmaster, and other leadership. We call the local media and at times it has made the news.

This program is a positive event to all the hard working letter carriers. We are out there in rain, snow, sleet or hail and extreme heat. This is one of the most physical and at times mentally challenging jobs there is today! For our Letter Carriers to achieve this milestone this award is well deserved. If you or one of our brothers and sisters has not received this award, please call the union hall.

I am proud to say that NALC 157 members have received the most awards in the area.

Thank you,