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National Association of Letter Carriers - Keystone Branch 157 - 22nd Annual Scholarship Award Ceremony June 2021

On behalf of the Officers & Members of Keystone Branch 157, NALC, I would like to take this opportunity to wish each of you all the best in your future collegiate endeavors.

Joseph Rodgers (President), Keystone Branch 157
NALC Scholarship Committee
Jay Nichols, Social Recreation Committee
Joseph Delmont, Branch Trustee

Keystone Branch 157 Scholarship Recipients

1 Andrew Horan
University of South Carolina
Andrew Horan Andrew Horan Andrew Horan Andrew Horan Andrew Horan Andrew Horan
2 Minh Ngo
Penn State
Minh Ngo
3 Kevin Wang
New York University
Dylon Gerhardt
4 Kaitlynn Huaghey
West Chester University
Kaitlynn Huaghey Kaitlynn Huaghey Kaitlynn Huaghey Kaitlynn Huaghey
5 Kaleigh Florentino
Holy Family University
Kaleigh Florentino
6 Kelsey Royal
Hofstra University