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September 01, 2015 - Marge McCann

Hope everybody had a Safe and Healthy Summer. Over the summer we held Safety and Driving Refresher classes for the CCA'S. Our union leadership, President Randy Zebin, Vice-President Joe Rodgers, Secretary-Treasurer Geary Wertz, The Manager of Safety Carla van Istanbul, Driver Instructors and the Safety Task Force conducted the class.

The class was to refresh the CCA's on the procedures they were taught in the academy. To let them know we have a job to do, but we must do it in the safest way possible. We told them if they have any safety issues, to report them to their supervisor, union steward, safety captain or call the hall if needed. We do not want anyone to put themselves in danger to get the mail delivered.

We went over driving practices that we deal with on the street, we taught them how to protect themselves from a dog attack, how to avoid broken steps, how to use safe park points, etc. We gave out mailbags, dog spray and shoulder straps. The class was interactive so there was a lot of discussion on situations that occur during our delivery. We taught them the safest way to get the job done. It was very informative for all who attended. Our Safety Team is trying to eliminate some of the hurdles we have to deal with on the job. We would like everyone to go home safe and healthy.