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February 23, 2017 - Clayton Smith

We are in the 115th Congress. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee introduced two bills- H.R. 756 Postal Reform Act of 2017 and H.R. 760 Postal Financial Improvement Act of 2017, These Bills address the Retirees Health Pre-funding burden and restore the rate increase that expired last year. This will help stabilize USPS economy. We are taking a new strategy by trying to move the bills out of Committee and then address the amendments that we don't agree on down the road. We are working on getting members of Congress to support HR 28 Door to Door Delivery, HR 15 Six Day Delivery, HR 31 Restore Service Standards. The NALC will be watching every step along the way. We need to be alert. Get the NALC app to keep updated and give to the letter carrier political fund. If you need help signing up call the Union Hall (2158244800) and they will assist you.

Clay Smith

Legislative Liaison