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June 01, 2014 - Clayton Smith

Happy Summer Everyone! Some good news on the political front, the proposal to eliminate a day of delivery to fund the highway trust fund never got support, it made no financial sense and was based on unknown future events. Thanks to all E-Activists who contacted their Congressional people. Also Darral Issa Bill seems to have no support which is good for the NALC.

H.R. 30 has now 224 sponsors. H.R. 30 is to keep the continuation of six day delivery. On June 25th language mandating six day delivery that was left out of the appropriations bill was reinstated by voice vote of the full House Appropriations Committee.

President Rolando thanked Representative Serrano (D) and Representative Latham(R) for their Bi-Partisan support. Also Representative Fattah (D) Philadelphia was on the committee and supported the NALC 100%. This measure is expected to pass the Senate.

We have been playing defense but we have been able to keep six day delivery. In the fall they will probably take one more run at us, but hopefully this time next year we will be talking about meaningful postal reform. Check your E-Activist!!

Have a Safe Summer.

Clay Smith, Keystone Branch 157, Legislative Liaison.