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January 01, 2014 - Clayton Smith

Hello everyone Welcome to our website. Kudos to Ed Morgan for setting it up. The Legislative site will keep you updated on what is going on in Washington that effects our job. The best way is to be an E-Activist because you get up dates on whats happening and what to do ex(call Senators or Congress). All you have to do is go to the NALC website to sign up or call the Union Office 215-824-4800 for information. Right now there is a Bill in committee Senate Bill S.1486 (Carper/Corburn) this is a BAD Bill. It includes eliminating six day delivery and door to door delivery. It does not address the prefunding issue which is the cause of the financial problems of the USPS. If not for the prefunding the USPS would be making an operational profit, we have to watch and be ready to act on this Bill, our jobs depend on it. Become an E-Activist and give to COLCPE.

Clay Smith

Legislative Liaison