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October 01, 2020 - Joe Rodgers

The 2020 Presidential election will be the most consequential election in our lifetime. Voting is the surest path to achieve the changes we seek. Our future and the future of the United States Postal Service rests with you and the power of your vote.

So, how do you plan on voting? Pennsylvanians have three ways to vote: Vote-by Mail, Vote-by-Mail early in person and Voting on Election day. Remember the adage, "Failure to plan is planning to fail." Therefore, you need to decide how you intend to cast your ballot.

To Vote-by-Mail, go to and print a vote-by-mail application. The technical deadline to request a mail-in-ballot is 5:00pm on Tuesday October 27th. I strongly encourage everyone to apply to vote well before the deadline. You can do it today! Your County elections office must receive your ballot by 8:00pm on Tuesday November 3rd or your ballot will not count. Remember, when we all vote, we take our power back.

The Philadelphia AFL-CIO held its virtual Labor Day Parade. Because of the public-health crisis, we were unable to march down Columbus Boulevard in a sign of pride and solidarity. Branch 157 presented a video which you can check out at:

In transitioning, I have one special request to all the members of Branch 157. Please consider making a financial donation to the 'Letter Carriers' virtual Food Drive. Forty million people are out of work in the United States. These families are unable to feed their children. Most depend on the school system to provide a nutritious breakfast and lunch. But, with most schools being conducted online, many children will go hungry.

The United States is the richest nation on the planet. We simply cannot allow our children to go hungry. It is against what we stand for. It is against our values as Americans. It is against who we are as a people.

Please consider a financial donation to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

God bless and stay safe! And don’t forget to VOTE!!