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March 01, 2022 - Joe Rodgers

On January 18,2022, Keystone Branch 157 suffered a devastating loss. Our beloved administrative assistant, coworker, friend, and most importantly our family member, Denise Dodaro passed away suddenly. She was just 55 years of age.

Denise was hired by then Branch President, Tim O'Malley in 1994 when she was 28 years old. For 27 years, she dedicated herself to the needs of every letter carrier that walked through our doors. Denise was “Union” through and through and our members loved her for it.

When a letter carrier came to the branch with their children, Denise would take the kids aside, give them coloring books and candy, and entertained them, while their parent discussed business with an officer of the branch. She loved children.

Whenever we hosted events, such as our branch scholarship luncheon, our 50-year gold card celebration, or our children's Christmas party, Denise poured her heart and soul into these events. She loved being around letter carrier's and their families. This was when she was at her happiest.

In her short lifetime, she never met a stranger. Everyone had a story, worthy of hearing, and she wanted to hear it. Denise had a caring heart and a generous spirit, accompanied by a beautiful smile and a contagious laugh.

I would like to thank Tim Mulvenna and Bill Schneider for watching the union hall, while her good friends Marge McCann and Joyce Rodgers helped the Dodaro family give Denise the most beautiful funeral service, she deserved.

For all of you, who had the good fortune of knowing her, she would wish all of you and your families the very best life has to offer.

For us here, Denise will be missed tremendously. Branch 157 will never be the same again, but then again nothing stays the same forever.

We all understand that our top priority is to represent letter carriers and we have not and will not stop doing that.

Can I have a moment of silence for our beloved union sister Denise Dodaro.