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President's Report - Timothy Mulvenna

I hope as you read this newsletter, you are saving a happy and safe summer with your fatally. As letter carriers, we work said every day. I would hope each and every member of Branch 157 of the National Association of Letter Carriers was able to take some time for a vacation with the ones they love.

Turning to current business. Locally, we have had a rash of robberies in the city of Philadelphia over the last 15 months. Letter carriers, who are minding their own business, trying to make an honest living, have time and time again been victims of these crimes. This is not relegated to any certain area of the city. These crimes have taken place all over the city repeatedly. I have been in constant contact with our Region 12 business agent and reports have been sent to NALC headquarters. I would advise all letter carriers to take every precaution necessary and do your best to protect yourself. Try to park in view of the public. Do what you can to avoid secluded areas. Try to be aware of your surroundings. Look around the area before you park and exit your vehicle. Remain calm and comply with what they are asking for. Do not argue with these criminals and do not attempt to pursue them. Get to a sale area and immediately report the incident to your supervisor and the local police. Your safety is most important.

There will be a general membership meeting on Tuesday September 19, 2023 @ 8:00. At that meeting, we will be discussing the status of the building our branch owns located at 9601 James St. The building was purchased almost 30 years ago. Up until February of 2020, the branch profited from rents that we received from the National NALC to house the Region 12 Business Agent and their team. In February of 2020, the NBA relocated to another office. Since then, the building has been vacant. The executive board assigned a committee to see what our options were (renovate, rent, sell etc.) The committee had several realtors, contractors, and building management companies come in to assess the building. At the September meeting, we will present the committee's findings and have an open discussion with the membership. Our hopes are that after discussing the building's status, we can vote at the October 17, 2023 meeting how to proceed with this building moving forward.

Nationally, the 73rd National Convention will be held in the city of Boston August 5th to August 9th 2024. This is to serve as official notice to all Keystone Branch 157 NALC members that "Nominations for Delegates" to the convention will be conducted at the general membership meeting on Tuesday October 17,2023 @ 8:00.

In the event you cannot attend the October 17th meeting, please forward a letter indication your wish to be a delegate to: Thomas Fillipone, Recording Secretary, 9607 James St. Philadelphia PA 19114

Delegates must attend six (6) of the ten (10) regular general membership meetings to share in the Convention Fund. If an election is necessary, the election will be conducted at the general membership meeting on December 12th 2023.