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June 01, 2015 - Joe Rodgers

It's open season for Health Benefits if you don't have NALC's plan I encourage you to look into it. I believe it's as good if not better than any plan out there and it's cheaper.

What I've noticed is the catastrophic limits, which have increased on other plans to $13,000.00 while NALC's has stayed at $7,000.00. That's a big difference, and if you are unfortunate enough to be in a situation like that, it's almost double the money you'll be liable for.

I want to make sure our CCA's and newly converted carriers take advantage of the open season.

If you are a CCA with at least one 360 day term you can choose self-only or self and family coverage in the USPS Non-career Plan and receive a $125 contribution to the premium every two weeks. As an NALC member, you can choose self-only, or self and family coverage from the NALC Consumer driven Plan, or the value Option Plan and receive the $125 contribution. You can choose self-only, or self and family coverage in any other plan offered, but receive no contribution toward the premium costs.

If you have not completed a 360 day period of service, you have only one option. You can choose to enroll in USPS Non-career plan and receive the $125 contribution.

However, if the NALC is successful in its dispute with the USPS, you may also have the option to choose the NALC plan.

If you are a newly converted carrier and did not receive you benefit package, you may choose a Health Plan now during open season. Please take advantage of your benefit.