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2016 Shop Steward Elections are right around the corner……

Shop Steward Elections

As we all fight to get through what has been one of the hottest summers on record, I’d like to remind our members that we have a very important time coming up in the fall. In December of this year we will hold Shop Steward elections in every delivery unit. I can’t emphasize enough how important these elections are. In my mind and heart, I feel the single best element of being part of the National Association of Letter Carriers is the democratic nature of this union. Everyone has a voice and everyone has a vote. The only time your voice or vote is not heard is when you choose not to use it. That said, you have to remember the person you vote into this position will fulfill a term of 3 years. In other words, make your vote count. This person will represent your office from January of 2017 until December of 2019. So please if you accept a nomination for this position, take it seriously and make the best effort you can to do the job to the best of your abilities. When you are voting for a Shop Steward, do your best to vote for a letter carrier that you know will represent you with complete integrity.

The Branch Bi-laws for Keystone Branch 157 clearly state the procedure for Shop Steward elections. The language in the Bi-laws cover all delivery units in that fall under Branch -157. The Bi-laws state:

  • The current Shop Steward or Shop Stewards will appoint an Election Committee. The Committee will be appointed one week prior to December 1st.
  • A nomination notice will be announced and posted within the unit for not less than five (5) days.
  • The Election Committee will be a responsible for announcing and posting the nomination notice, conducting the election, verifying eligible members, distributing ballots, securing them and affording all Members the opportunity to vote. The Election Committee will also post when the dates and times of when the voting will take place.
  • Ballots are not to be tallied until everyone has voted and the voting is concluded.
  • An elected Official of the Branch will automatically become the Alternate Shop Steward in the unit, unless they otherwise decline. In the event there is not an elected Official, then the person who ran for Shop Steward with the next highest number of votes will be the Alternate. If no one else ran, then the Shop Steward or Shop Stewards will designate and Alternate.

With the election process in place, I urge all Keystone Branch 157 members to take this election seriously. For those who accept a nomination, please remember that the future of your office is in your hands. Being a Shop Steward mostly consists of effort and dedication. You can make a difference. If there are any questions about the election procedures, please consult with the Union Hall for guidance. We also have election boxes for each station if and when needed. Please take part in this election process.


Timothy Mulvenna