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Vice President’s Page- Holiday Scheduling.

Vice Presidents Report Joe Rodgers
Holiday Scheduling
We have received numerous phone calls concerning Article 11-Holidays. Recent questions had to do with rates of pay for working the actual holiday or the employees designated holiday. Christmas is the only time during the year when regular employees reduired to work on Christmas Day or their Designated holiday are paid an additional 50% of their base hourly straight-time rate for up to eight hours of Christmas worked pay, in addition to their holiday worked pay.
All full-time employees who are scheduled to work on their holiday or a day designated as their holiday are guaranteed eight hours of work or pay, if less than eight hours of work is available.
The actual scheduling of employees to work any holiday is based on the pecking order as described in our Local Memorandum of Understanding” or LMOU. It is important to remember that scheduling employees for holidays will differ from lnstillation to lnstillation. In effect, the language controlling how employees are to be scheduled will be different for Philadelphia, as for Glenside or Ft. Washington, for example.
According to Philadelphias LMOU, the following sequence will be followed when scheduling employees to work on a holiday or designated holiday provided that such scheduling produces a workforce which meets the operating skill requirement of the holiday or designated holiday.
A. All CCA employees to the maximum extent possible regardless of the
necessity to pay overtime premiums.
B. All Full Time Regulars who volunteer to work their holiday or their non
scheduled day shall be combined into a single group ranked in seniority and selected to work by the list.
1. During the polling carriers may volunteer to work for Premium Pay (Overtime). If additional scheduling is needed after theHoliday Schedule has been posted, the volunteers will be selected seniority.
C. All Full Time Regular employees who did not volunteer to work shall be selected by inverse seniority.
D. If additional employees are needed and not filled by Section B1 above,
they will be selected by inverse seniority.
l hope this clears up some of the questions you may have had. Finally, l want to
wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a very happy and healthy New Year.