× General Meetings, Shop Steward's Meeting & Retiree Lunchins are canceled until till further notice due to Corona Virus. All Delegates to the National Convention will be credited for the canceled meetings.
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Branch 157 “NALC District Safety Team” 100 Million Step Awards !!!

Once again Keystone Branch 157 is  proud to showcase its safest, in our “100 Million Step Award” Ceremony developed by our District Safety Team. Thank you Marge McCann, Jay Nichols and John Howe for all your efforts in this arena.

The Following Letters Carriers were Honored :

Robert (Bob) Curtiss   James Grandy   Monty Owens

Gary Booz     Nancy Anton      Vickie Mears          Michael Joseph

Harold New      Deatria Burney        Young Kwon    Betsy Guyton

Joel Kennedy       Jonathon McCoy